Northeastern Pennsylvania Council, Boy Scouts of America invites you to join us for our Veterans Recognition Breakfast. This special breakfast is to honor and recognize America's finest, our veterans; those who are here with us today and those who have given their lives for our freedom and security.

Prepare for Zombie Horde

October 13-15, 2017 at Camp Acahela

Cost $10 per person (Scouts and adults) on or before October 3rd

Cost $20 per person (Scouts and adults) after October 3rd

 Registration fee includes event patch, Troop ribbon, arrow kit (youth only) and all supplies needed to Prepare for Zombie Horde. You need to bring food, etc.


  1. Archery Range: Scouts will make an arrow that they will keep. They will learn to load a bullet. Shoot arrows at Zombie theme targets.
  2. Obstacle Course: Bouldering wall, Rope Bridge, Tire runs, Balance Beams, Ramp, Cargo Net, Net Crawl.  Prep for the zombie run.  Timed races one at a time and the best time out of three.
  3. Make traps and snare traps and learn about trapping.
  4. Shelter demonstration at base of Eagle Point in the Cave. Learn how make a fishing spear & keep it.
  5. Learn about water purification and the importance of hygiene during food preparation.
  6. Compass course game.
  7. Learn how to preserve food at the Twins Cabin.
  8. Zombie First Aid scenarios for the Scout survivors to treat. Second activity, Rescue carry relay races.
  9. Learn how to use wood tools. Use several styles of sharpening systems.  Scouts sharpen their own knife, saw, ax, and hatchet.  Cut wood in a safe zone with eye protection.


  1. Zombie run through camp. It will be modeled after the popular zombie races.
  2. Campfire Site – Scout’s Own Service and Campfire Program
  3. Scouts own and campfire service held together back to back at the campfire site.
  4. Night tag with glow sticks at Activity Field. Healthy people have ring glow stick on belt and zombies pull them off