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Announcing ... Scouting Wire, a new official BSA website that offers Scouting news and updates for both volunteers and professionals

Scouting Wire is a new Scouting information source that makes it easy to find topics that interest you — and just as importantly in this age of information overload — filter out those that don’t apply to your Scouting role.

You’ll find Scouting Wire content is organized into eight categories: Activities, Finance, Fundraising, High Adventure, Leadership, Marketing, Training, and Recruiting.

You’ll also notice Scouting Wire isn’t a one-way street. The site offers plenty of chances for you to submit feedback, share ideas and ask questions via a “Connect With Us” link at the top of the new site.

The next three years promise to be exciting for Scouting as all three of our traditional programs will be updated based on several years of volunteer-led research and development!

Venturing is first up in 2014 with a totally new program and recognition approach focusing on progressive development in adventure, leadership, and service to others and personal growth.

Then in 2015, Cub Scouting will be updated with a new Adventure-based advancement system, activities that are more active and more aligned with the Aims/Mission, Tiger Cub becomes simply - Tiger, with a  new image, and the earning of the Webelos badge no longer being required for the Arrow of Light.

And then in 2016, additions and revisions will be rolled-out to the Boy Scout requirements, including making Scout a rank.

To keep everyone up to date with all of the upcoming changes, the BSA has created a special Program Updates page in

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