What is Scouting for Food?​

Scouting for Food is a door-to-door food drive that began in 1987 as a way of combating hunger in our local communities. Fighting hunger became one of the “five unacceptables” issued by the national office of the Boy Scouts of America and became the emphasis for all Scout councils across America. The other four were unemployment, illiteracy, child abuse and drug abuse. Scouting for Food continues to be a major program for many councils on an annual basis.

Why do we do it?

  • Scouting has always played a major role in assisting the nation when in need. During World War 2, Scouts recycled car tires and metal for the war effort in Europe.
  • In the 1960’s, Scouts collected paper, glass and aluminum as the country began to emphasize the need to take care of our environment and to reuse certain products to reduce the size of our landfills.
  • Today, with Scouting membership over 3 million nationwide, we can and do have a major impact in helping families and children in need get enough food to eat on a daily basis. Today, the need to help hungry families is greater than ever!

How is food collected?

Units can pick up their Scouting for Food Door Hangers at the Scout Service Center in Moosic, PA.  Then the unit will canvas their neighborhood, typically on a Saturday, leaving the door hanger on their neighbors' front doors.  The door hanger asks that the family lave out a bad of food for the Scouts to pick up the following week.  The door hanger also described what foods are accaptable or not.

When is Scouting for Food conducted?

A council wide coordinated Scouting for Food drive is usually conducted in late Winter or early Spring. However Packs, Troops,and Crews can conduct their own Scouting for Food colletion drives anytime. Simply complete the Scouting for Food Unit Commitment Form and turn into the Scout Service Center when picking up your door hangers.

Don't forget to log your unit's service hours in the the Journey to Excellence website!