UofS Course Descriptions



Course Descriptions

General Classes for all Leaders

  • A Way for You to Share Your Talents – what is a District Committee – what do they do – how can I fit in – whether you are new to Scouting, or a 50-year veteran, the District Committee has a place for you!
  • Badge of Wood? – All about Wood Badge – learn how this vital training course will benefit you as a leader and how the skills you learn will en-hance your Scouting, personal and professional leadership and team skills.
  • Commissioner’s Do What? – who are they – what do they do – who can serve in this position and what is their responsibility to your unit?
  • Dutch Oven Cooking – you can overcome your fear!  Equipment, cooking temps and charts, briquettes vs. wood, cleaning and care, recipes, etc. 
  • Duty to God – Where to find information on awards for ALL faiths, youth and adult – how to conduct a simple Interfaith or Scout’s Own service when camping, hiking, or during other activities.  Including “Duty to God” through pack and troop activities.
  • Extra, Extra – Read All About It – how to get your unit’s picture in the paper – “why” and how to publicize your unit – newsletter and publicity ideas – who is responsible – includes contact information.
  • Knots 101 – Knot tying for beginners.  Learn the basic knots that every Scout needs to know –   also, sample knot boards.
  • Knots – Advanced – more challenging knots – monkey’s fists, Turk’s head, knot games, how to make a ladder, etc.
  • Fundraising & More – financing your unit – how to run successful fundraisers – budgeting for your yearly program – how much money does your unit need for their “ideal year of Scouting” – camp cards – ways to fund camp – FOS & more
  • Liability Protection & More – as a registered Scouter, what insurance protection do you have as a leader and how is your Scout protected.  How can you manage the risk for your Scouts and leaders?  Important information that every Scouter should know! 
  • Putting Scoubook to Work in Your Unit – Scoutbook is the BSA’s online advancement system for unit leaders, Scouts and parents.  Learn how to use Scoutbook to:  follow your Scouts’ progress on the advancement trail; communicate with Scouts, parents and other unit leaders; ensure council and unit advancement records always match and are up-to-date.  This class will help new users get started, and have tips to help the most experienced user.
  • Webelos to Scout Transition – your Cub Scouts cannot become Eagles unless they join a troop – successful Webelos to Scout transition is a year-round process that involves many people – learn who should be involved – what to do when – how to make a seamless move from Webelos to Boy Scouts.  Your Cub Scouts are the “seed corn” of Scouting!

Cub Scout Program

  • Aware and Care – come learn ideas on how to teach disabilities awareness to your Pack & how to make programming accommodations as needed.  This session will be a “hands-on” class and you will complete requirements from electives “Aware & Care” for Webelos and “Cubs Who Care” for Wolf.  We will discuss the BSA Individual Scouting Advancement Plan (ISAP) form & how to help your Scouts who have special needs get the most out of Scouting.
  • Ceremonies That Rock! – is your Pack presenting awards to your Scouts in Ziploc bags?  Attend this session and find out how you can make award ceremonies exciting and memorable for your Scouts.
  • We have to…CAMP?? – Enjoy, enjoy the great outdoors!  Camping programs for Cub Scouts in our council – how to run a camp promotion pro-gram for your unit and camping tips for you and your Scouts.
  • Cub Scout Bling and More – our Cub Scouts can earn how many awards?  Come and find out about the many opportunities our Scouts have in earning additional awards.  This session will also cover awards needed for rank advancement.
  • Den Meeting Dunks – are your den meetings the same thing every week?  Need some new ideas to make your meetings more exciting?  This session will give you the “slam dunk” of ideas to improve your meetings and make them fun again.
  • Get Down & Derby! – everything you need to know about Pinewood Derbies and Space Derbies – set-up, judging, refreshments, decorations, awards, score sheets, the best track and more.
  • Lions, Tigers and Girls…OH MY! – still not sure about that Lion program?  How about the addition of girls?  This session will bring you up to date on all the changes coming out this year for our Cub Scout program.
  • On to Boy Scouts! – focus will be on getting Webelos ready for crossover, Arrow of Light crossover ceremonies, and learning how a Troop is run, what is the patrol method, etc.
  • Pack Meeting Nightmares! – how to develop and lead fun Pack Meetings that show off the accomplishments of the boys in your Pack, and where everyone has a job and has fun!
  • Pack Paperwork…OH NO! – focusing on Pack Administration – what paperwork is needed, when and why it is needed – JTE 101 – a year in the life of your Pack!
  • Roll-On Over to Roundtable – I need to attend Round what?  And I should bring other leaders with me?  Attend this session to find out about how important it is to attend Roundtables and what it can do for your Cub Scout program. This session will also show you how to use themes to make your program more energetic and exciting.
  • Whittlin’ Chip Without Stitches – how to teach the fine motor skills required for whittling before using a pocket knife.  Learn to use alternate tools for pain-free practice – NOTE:  Please bring a pocket knife to this class.

Boy Scout Program

  • All About Merit Badges – everything you need to know about merit badges, but were afraid to ask!  In print & digitalized pamphlets – required & non-required badges – blue cards – sashes, etc.
  • BSA High Adventure Programs – beyond the normal – activities of a lifetime that your Scouts will remember forever – hiking Philmont – sailing the Florida Keys – canoeing in the Northern Tier – what program opportunities are available once you get there – how to get YOUR Scouts there.
  • COPE & Rock Climbing Programs – what is COPE.  How can my unit participate?  Why is it important?  Low Course exercise fun!  How to get your unit rock climbing on both artificial walls and natural walls.  Learn about climbing locations, climbing knots, ropes, hardware, harnesses and helmets.
  • Life to Eagle Process – learn about the Life Scout to Eagle Scout process – how do you get started – who is responsible – what paperwork is needed.
  • Map & Compass – learn how to:orient a map – understand contour lines – parts of a compass – needle housing detail –  understand declination and triangulation – how to set up an orienteering course.  Note: Please bring a compass to this class, if possible.
  • Navigating with GPS – what to look for when buying a GPS – specs & features; how to use; how to recharge in the field; what a GPS can do that a compass cannot and vice versa; which is better for navigation; geocaching and more
  • Order of the Arrow – what is the Order of the Arrow – learn how your troop can involve both youth and adults in this national honor camping program – local and national leadership training opportunities available for both youth and adults, including NOAC (the National Order of the Arrow Conference).
  • Scoutmaster Conferences – what is supposed to happen at a Scoutmaster Conference and how to add quality and make it meaningful for your Scouts.
  • How to Help Boy Scout Aged Youth with Special Needs Get the Most Out of Scouting – The basic premise of Scouting for youth with disabilities is that every boy wants to participate fully and be respected like every other member of the troop. While there are, by necessity, troops exclusively composed of Scouts with disabilities, experience has shown that Scouting usually succeeds best when every boy is part of a patrol in a regular troop. This session will help you learn how to involve everyone in developing a program for Scouts with special needs – advancement – administrative concerns and more.
  • Troop Boards of Review – how to get the most out of your Boards of Review – what you should and should not be doing – who sits on the Board of Review.
  • Troop Court of Honor – why do you need courts of honor; who is responsible; how often should they be held; what kind of props do you need; how to carry out a great one for your Scouts and their families.
  • Who Runs Your Troop – … you or your senior patrol leader – what is involved in running your own troop leadership training weekend – what youth leadership training programs are available on a council and a national level – you’ve read about them in Boys’ Life, your Scouts can participate too – includes Patrol Leader Council meetings.

Venturing Program

Please Note:  The Venturing classes today will occupy all four sessions.  The following two courses are being presented for all Venturing adult leaders, and anyone interested in becoming a Venturing adult leader.

Session 1 will teach you how to conduct Introduction to Leadership Skills (ILSC) in your own crew setting.  This course was created to help Venturers learn and practice the attitudes and skills effective leaders demonstrate.  Practicing and mastering these skills within the crew will provide Venturers with positive leadership experiences in and outside of the Crew.

Sessions 2, 3 and 4 will teach you how to plan and conduct a Crew Committee Challenge training for your own Crew committee members.