Patrols should made up of 6-8 scouts.  There is an 8 scout maximum per patrol. Scouts are to work as a team to solve problems.  To ensure maximum participation of all scouts during the event, the “team” approach to patient care will involve having scouts rotate the team leader for each scenario.  The rotation will be assigned at check in.

This year’s event has been significantly modified so that scouts will have more “hands-on” time with first aid interventions and in order for station proctors to provide valuable feedback to each patrol after each scenario is scored.

There will be ten total stations; seven are first aid scenarios that will require interventions that are built upon the principles that surround the BSA hurry cases and the requirements for the first aid merit badge.  The final three stations include a patrol first aid equipment inspection station, a patrol break, and a non-judged informational presentation station where scouts may learn about careers in healthcare and emergency medical services (EMS).  

This First Aid Meet tests both First Aid Skills and Leadership Skills.

Some stations might have both questions to answer and activities to perform.  The “team” approach will be utilized when performing activities, and the team will be directed by the designated leader for each station.  As previously stated, the team leader WILL rotate.  Patrols WILL be using the items that are in their Patrol First Aid Kit.

General Rules

  1. All patrol members are expected to stay with their patrol for the duration of the competition.
  2. The Scout Oath and Scout Law will prevail at all times.
  3. The organizers will make every possible effort to ensure fairness during the event.  Judges will have guidelines/rules for scoring. Evaluation by the judges and the resulting scores will be final.
  4. The use of electronic devices are prohibited during the judging portion of the event.
  5. No reference materials, of any kind, will be permitted during the judging portion of the event


Some Photos from last year's District First Aid Meet

2016_FAM_28 2016_FAM_28
2016_FAM_15 2016_FAM_15
2016_FAM_25 2016_FAM_25
2016_FAM_09 2016_FAM_09
2016_FAM_07 2016_FAM_07
2016_FAM_17 2016_FAM_17
2016_FAM_35 2016_FAM_35
2016_FAM_18 2016_FAM_18

CLICK HERE to view the entire gallery of photos from last year's event

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