Two Mountains District

Prepare for Zombie Horde

October 13-15, 2017 at Camp Acahela

Cost $10 per person (Scouts and adults) on or before October 3rd

Cost $20 per person (Scouts and adults) after October 3rd

 Registration fee includes event patch, Troop ribbon, arrow kit (youth only) and all supplies needed to Prepare for Zombie Horde. You need to bring food, etc.


  1. Archery Range: Scouts will make an arrow that they will keep. They will learn to load a bullet. Shoot arrows at Zombie theme targets.
  2. Obstacle Course: Bouldering wall, Rope Bridge, Tire runs, Balance Beams, Ramp, Cargo Net, Net Crawl.  Prep for the zombie run.  Timed races one at a time and the best time out of three.
  3. Make traps and snare traps and learn about trapping.
  4. Shelter demonstration at base of Eagle Point in the Cave. Learn how make a fishing spear & keep it.
  5. Learn about water purification and the importance of hygiene during food preparation.
  6. Compass course game.
  7. Learn how to preserve food at the Twins Cabin.
  8. Zombie First Aid scenarios for the Scout survivors to treat. Second activity, Rescue carry relay races.
  9. Learn how to use wood tools. Use several styles of sharpening systems.  Scouts sharpen their own knife, saw, ax, and hatchet.  Cut wood in a safe zone with eye protection.


  1. Zombie run through camp. It will be modeled after the popular zombie races.
  2. Campfire Site – Scout’s Own Service and Campfire Program
  3. Scouts own and campfire service held together back to back at the campfire site.
  4. Night tag with glow sticks at Activity Field. Healthy people have ring glow stick on belt and zombies pull them off


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  Pack 60 Paul Ceonzo  
  Troop 60 Paul Ceonzo  
  Pack 106 Walt Godshall  
  Troop 106 Walt Godshall  
  Pack 433 Paul Ceonzo  
  Troop 434 Paul Ceonzo  
  Crew 461 Leonard Omolecki  


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  Pack 155 Donald Kretchmer  
  Troop 155 Donald Kretchmer  
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  Pack 281 Donald Kretchmer  
  Troop 281 Donald Kretchmer  


  Pack 415 Leonard Omolecki  
  Troop 418 Leonard Omolecki  


  Pack  66 Walt Godshall  
  Troop 166 Walt Godshall  


  Pack 241 Donald Kretchmer  
  Troop 241 Donald Kretchmer  
  Troop 444 Donald Kretchmer  


  Pack 165 Carl Diamond  
  Pack 165 Carl Diamond  


  Troop 285 Cindy Johnson  
  Pack 303 Jim Ciampi, Jr.  
  Troop 303 Jim Ciampi, Jr.  
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  Troop 316 Mike Hill  
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  Troop 375 Cindy Johnson  
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  Troop 186 Cindy Johnson  
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  Troop 336 Donald Kretchmer  
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  Pack 55 Steve Ross  
  Troop 55 Steve Ross  
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  Troop 485    
  Pack 2000 Paul Ceonzo  
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  Pack 302 Jim Ciampi, Jr.  
  Troop 302 Jim Ciampi, Jr.  
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  Troop 311 Jim Ciampi, Jr.  
  Pack 352 Jim Ciampi, Jr.  
  Troop 352 Jim Ciampi, Jr.  
  Pack 366 Charlie Jackson  
  Troop 366 Charlie Jackson  
  Crew 3110 Charlie Jones  


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  Troop 143 Stewart Thomas  
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  Pack 193 Stewart Thomas  
  Troop 193 Stewart Thomas  
  Pack 339    
  Troop 339    


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District Vice Chair, Finance

Jerry Ephault

Family FOS
Don Murray
Charlie Williams
5K Run Fundraiser
Charlie Jones

District Vice Chair, Membership

Justin Behrens

Cub Scout Membership
Cindy Johnson
Boy Scout Membership
Venturing Membership
John Sepcoski
Sheila Bender
Social Media
Rachael Stark

District Vice Chair, Program

 Evette Koshinski

Mike Hill
MB Counselors
Kurt Revak
District Awards
Sheila Bender
Religious Awards
Amy Huntington
Cub Scout Program
Rachael Stark
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John Sepcoski

CUB SCOUT ROUNDTABLES are held the first Wednesday of every month at St. Nicholas Church, 226 South Washington St., Wilkes-Barre, starting at 7:00 pm in the (downstairs) Community Room.

All leaders and anyone who is interested in learning about what is going on with the Cub Scout program are welcome and encouraged to attend.  This is a great time of learning about the program and an opportunity to get new ideas to help enhance your units program.  It is also a great time to have fellowship with other leaders and pick each others’ brains.

We want all of our units to have the best Scouting program they can and a lot of great ideas are shared at these Round Tables.  So bring a friend and come out and join us.

If you have any questions about the Cub Scout Roundtables please feel free to contact Stew Thomas at 570-283-3468 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Sheila Bender at 570-443-8076 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

BOY SCOUT ROUNDTABLES are held the fourth Wednesday of every month at St. Nicholas Church, 226 South Washington St., Wilkes-Barre, starting at 7:30 pm in the (downstairs) Community Room.

The monthly District Boy Scout Roundtable meeting provides an information and training forum for adults involved as leaders in the Scouting program. Parents and youth are welcome to attend. These meetings allow the attendees from all parts of the Scouting program to:

  • Discuss topics of interest, both formally and informally
  • Learn new skills and program topics for your unit
  • Learn about upcoming District and Council events
  • Meet and exchange ideas with other leaders

The method of the Boy Scout Roundtable is to tap into the experience, knowledge, and insight of the participating leaders; to share expertise across the district. If you are a unit leader, committee member, parent, or other interested Scouter, we want to serve your needs and provide the training for information that you need to serve our youth.

For more information contact:

Dr. Don Kretchmer
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