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Journey to Excellence

The 18 Journey To Excellence evaluation criteria are grouped in 5 categories: Finances; Membership; Program; Unit Service; and Leadership and Governance. The Northeastern Pennsylvania Council’s status in each of the 18 criteria is discussed below.

Current as of March 31, 2013

1. Fiscal Management +0.04 JTE silver

This criteria evaluates the overall financial health of the Council’s operating fund by comparing operating assets to annual operating expenses. We greatly reduced this negative amount by $131,000 in 2012 to negative $16,000 attaining a Bronze JTE status due to the improvement. Our long-range plan is to achieve a positive operating asset position by the end of 2013. We are on track to acheive this through the first quarter of the year.


2. Fundraising +19.05% JTE silver

This criteria evaluates the Council’s generation of operating income through its Friends Of Scouting campaign, Special Events, Project Sales and Foundation support. The current year’s fundraising performance is evaluated against the prior year. We are currently ahead of the fundraising amount in March 2012 primarily due to the excellent results of this year's Distringuished Citizens Dinner.


3. Endowment 0.28% No Score

This criteria evaluates the Council’s ability to increase restricted assets in its endowment fund as compared to the operating expenses of the council. To achieve Bronze Status, we would need to receive about $6,000 in new endowment gifts.


4. Market Share (Density) 6.71% JTE silver

This is the percentage of all registered youth members compared to all of the youth within the council’s defined geographic territory that could be members. We are currently 2.62% ahead of prior year.


5. Membership Growth +0.33% JTE silver

This is the percentage increase or decrease in the number of traditional youth members (Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers and Explorers) in the council as compared to prior year. The NEPA Council, like most councils in the northeastern United States, has experienced membership declines for many years. We believe we could end this trend in 2013 with a slight increase in membership. Our current traditional membership is 3,011 (10 more than March 2012).


6. Youth Retention 72.68% JTE Silver

This is the percentage of registered youth members that remain as members one year later. We are 1.31% ahead of prior year’s 71.37% in March.


7. Cub Scout Advancement 34.9% JTE Gold

This is the percentage of Cub Scouts who have advanced one rank. We achieved the gold benchmark for the second consecutive year in 2012 and expect to do so again in 2013.


8. Boy Scout Advancement 16.04% JTE Gold

This is the percentage of Boy Scouts who have advanced one rank. We expect to end the year at 48% to 50% as compared to 45.3 in 2012. We are currently 4.09% points better than March 2012. The gold benchmark has been increased to 50% in 2013.


9. Cub Scout Camping No Data No Score

This is the percentage of Cub Scouts registered on June 30th who attend Day Camp, Family Camp or Resident Camp. JTE program scores will be posted after summer camp season.


10. Boy Scout Camping No Data No Score

This is the percentage of Boy Scouts registered on June 30th who attend long-term summer camp, high adventure base or jamboree. Scores will be posted after summer camp season


11. Community Service 7.57 hours No Score

This is the number of community service hours logged into the JTE website divided by the number of registered youth members. We expect to end the year at 7+ hours per member which we accomplished in 2012 and is above the gold standard.


12. Youth Serving Executives 0 Change No Score

This criteria measures the number of Youth Serving Executives as compared to the Total Available Youth within the council’s geographic territory.


13. Commissioner Service 3.27 units per commissioner JTE Gold

This criteria measures the number of units per registered District Commissioners in the council.


14. Unit Visitations 18.37% JTE Gold
  This is the percentage of units that have received at least 6 visits from unit commissioners in the year. It is prorated throughout the year so 2 visits are required in March.
15. Voice of the Scout   JTE Gold

We have an 85.83% email saturation rate. Spring surveys will soon be sent out.  We were recognized as one of the 18 “Elite”councils by the BSA in their analysis of the spring 2012 VOS results and expect to remain in this category in 2013.


16. Council Leadership 0 items No Score

We anticipate completing all three items required for Gold level.


17. District Leadership 32.5 members JTE Silver

The size of our District Committees  is well above the gold standard of 33 and among the leading councils in the nation. Registration issues in the first quarter have temporarily reduced the committee sizes but this will be resolved before the second quarter report.


18. Unit Leadership 49.45% JTE Gold

This criteria measures the percentage of direct contact leaders (e.g. Cubmasters, Den Leaders, Scoutmasters, etc.) who are trained for their position in scouting. We improved 5.25% above prior year as of March and anticipate ending the year above 50% compared to 47.06% in 2012.


Journey to Excellence

A Boy Scout is taught to always “Do Your Best” and the Boy Scout Program encourages personal growth. As a Council, we believe that we should set the example by constantly striving to improve the council.

The BSA National Council has provided a measuring tool that provides guidance for our improvement called Journey To Excellence (“JTE”). All 295 Councils in the Boy Scouts of America are evaluated monthly in 18 criteria and may be classified as gold, silver, bronze or below standard in each of the 18 criteria as well as an overall council score.

We will provide a periodic update here as to our progress towards becoming one of the best small councils in the Boy Scouts of America. Please choose the Journey to Excellence page to see a detailed discussion of where we are in each category.


Current Status
(March 31, 2013)

1325 Points

Last Year

Year End 1425 Points

JTE Silver JTE Silver


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