Charter Renewal



The only method of unit charter renewal supported by the Northeastern Pennsylvania Council is Internet Re-chartering. Internet re-chartering reduces costs, improves accuracy, and improves charter renewal turnaround time. For more information, please go to Please support our efforts to have 100% of our charter renewals submitted online.

Submission through Troopmaster or Packmaster is considered internet re-chartering and is a welcomed method for those units using this software.

Contact: your Commissioner for any Questions.

Information on updates to the Internet Rechartering system are linked below:

Information supporting the manual submission of your charter is included in the Charter Renewal Handbook, linked below:



Your commissioner staff is responsible for helping your unit to renew your charter on time and is responsible for providing you with answers and support during the charter renewal process. It is important that your charter renewal is on time.  When a unit’s charter is late (lapses);

  • No awards may be issued or advancement earned
  • No participation in district or council program can be approved
  • No use of council camping facilities may be approved
  • No liability or accident insurance coverage will be in effect during the separated time period. 


All leaders must complete Youth Protection Training (YPT) annually prior to submitting a charter renewal. New leaders must complete Youth Protection Training prior to submitting an application to join. New leaders should attach their YPT certificate with their application.  New leaders accepting multiple positions submit separate applications for each position with one copy of the YPT certificate. This training is available online through the website. Classroom training may be available, contact your District Executive for more information.

To avoid delay in processing your unit’s charter renewal, any adult volunteers listed whose YPT certificate is expired or who has not completed the training will be dropped from the submitted charter. These adults may submit applications and their YPT documentation at a later time.


At a minimum a charter will be accepted as complete when it has the following:

  1. All required leadership positions are filled and all adult leaders Youth Protection Training status is current
  2. Has Charter Organization’s Executive Officer and unit leader (CM, SM, CA) signature
  3. Has accurate youth and adult information
  4. Has payment of charter fee, registration fees, Boys' Life subscriptions and insurance fees
  5. Has a completed Journey to Excellence score sheet signed by a commissioner
  6. Has a completed Friends of Scouting campaign registration form
  7. All included youth and adult applications are accurate, complete and signed.
  8. All PA Clearances Included and up to date.


  • Set a date to meet that is convenient for your re-charter team after receiving the Charter Renewal packet.
  • Suggested attendance: Your Unit Commissioner, Charter Renewal Chairman, Unit Leader, Unit Committee Chair, Treasurer.
  • Obtain current unit rosters from unit leadership and compare to the unit roster that has been provided.
  • Write unit roster changes in pencil, not ink, so that mistakes can be erased.
  • Extra youth and adult applications are in your kit. If you need more, you can pick up more at the office.
  • If you need assistance, your Unit Commissioner has resources to help with your charter renewal.
  • Completed charter paperwork is due each year in your Council Service Center before December 16th.

District Turn-IN Dates and Times

Completed charter paperwork and payments are due in to the Scout Service and Training Center (SSTC) on or before DECEMBER 16th. Remember, each unit needs to meet with their unit commissioner to conduct the unit membership inventory and charter renewal meeting. Paperwork needs to be signed by the Executive Officer and Unit Leader. 

District Turn-in Dates

  • Tuesday, November 28th from 5pm – 7pm
  • Thursday, November 30th from 5pm – 7pm
  • Saturday, December 2nd from 9am – 12pm
  • Tuesday, December 5th from 5pm – 7pm
  • Thursday, December 7th from 5pm – 7pm
  • Saturday, December 9th from 9am – 12pm

Please call your District Executive to register for and attend one of the District Turn-in Dates listed above. If you are unable to attend the above dates, please call your District Executive to schedule an appointment.

Refer to the 2018 Council Charter Renewal Handbook for complete information on the Rechartering Process.