Pioneer Campsite

If you are looking for an opportunity to do Outpost -style camping for your summer resident camp experience, we have just the thing for you with this beautiful site. Wide open spaces, lots of room, and its own entrance make this site a real favorite for off-season and summer resident campers alike. Pioneer sits on a bluff across the road from the main camp and is definitely off on it's own. Yet it isn't so far from the main camp that you can't be part of all the great things that make Goose Pond what it's famous for. You get the best of both worlds at Pioneer - on your own and able to participate in all the programs the Pond offers when you want them.

Site capacity: For large sized units or several smaller units camping together
Special Features: Grassy center with nicely shaded woods on edges
Latrine type: Classic-style pit latrines

Site Specifics

Pioneer in the Summer features:

  • Outpost-style open camping - you provide your own tents, tarps, and cots
  • Food is provided by the camp for you daily to prepare in your site
  • Water supplied at 2 washstands
  • 5 Picnic Tables
  • Large, open center area yielding a good amount of sunshine during the day.
  • Has 2 latrines and washstands.

Fall, Winter, and Spring features:

  • Usually accessible during the off-season

Location of Campsite in Camp

Location of Pioneer Campsite in camp.

Campsite Layout

Campsite Layout

Site Gallery

Site Access

Site is on its own road with a separate entrance and gate near the Maintenance Garage. It can be easily accessed by most types of 4x4 vehicles and there is room enough for two to three vehicles to be left at the site in the off season. Most trailers with decent ground clearance can easily be towed to the site with plenty of room for maneuvering, but the road is rough in some places and care should be given getting in and out . Site is a 5-minute walk downhill to the Administration Building.

Other Points of Interest

  • Located near the Chapel
  • Located across Goose Pond Road from the main camp
  • Has pathways that lead back to the main camp and Admin Building
  • Across Goose Pond Road from the Main Gate and Applegate Lane


For a current weekend camping application including our camping policies, payment options, and camp rules, CLICK HERE.