Get Your Kicks on the Scouting Trail

Please join us for the Dan Beard District Dinner on Sunday, April 2nd.  Dinner will be held at Camp Ladore, 287 Owego Turnpike, Waymart, PA.  Fellowship start at 2:00 PM with dinner following at 2:30 PM.

Awards to be Presented

  • District Award of Merit
  • Leader Training Awards
  • Veterans Awards
  • Wm. D. Boyce New Unit Organizer Award
  • Al Werner Akela Excellence Awards
  • Bill Bega Scout Spirit Award
  • Journey to Excellence Recgonitions
  • Membership Excellence Award
  • Popcorn Sale Winners

Deadline for District Award of Merit is March 4th

Deadline for other Awards is March 11th


On or before 3/18

Adults $25

Youth 10 & Under $15

From 3/18 to 3/25

Adults $30

Youth 10 & Under $20

District Award of Merit

The District Award of Merit is the highest honor which the district can present to a volunteer. Nominees should be a registered Scouter who has given outstanding service to Scouting on the district level. Nominations for District Award of Merit are due by Saturday, March 4th. Please direct all nominations to District Executive Steve Lenceski. An application form is linked below and printed copies are available at the Scout Service Center.

Training and Leadership Awards

The District Dinner is the perfect time to recognize anyone who has earned a leadership or training award in the past year. For a complete listing of awards, PDF applications, and a listing of knots so you know which one is which (very helpful!) please visit: The deadline for award applications is Saturday, March 11th. 
Don't be bashful! If you or a leader in your unit have earned an award, apply for it! 

Veteran Awards

After 5 years of registered service in the BSA, an adult may, upon application receive the designation of 'Veteran". Veteran awards are presented in five year increments (ie 5, 10, 15... etc.) to those individuals whom have maintained and active registration. Veteran Award applications are also due by Saturday, March 11th. But, it is strongly encouraged for those individuals applying for 25 years, or more, of service to turn in their application ASAP. Those applications need to be approved by the national office which may take several weeks, or months, or years. Yes, they are very very slow.




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