If you have a younger, smaller-sized unit, Lenape is the ideal campsite for you. Located just off Applegate Lane and across from the Helcoski / Handicraft Lodge, the site is centrally located and within easy walking distance of just about everything in camp. The site even boasts flush toilets in its latrine.

Site capacity: For smaller sized units
Special Features: Grassy center with nicely shaded woods on edges
Latrine type: Modern-style flush toilet latrine when water system is on in warmer weather. Helcoski's Classic-style pit latrine is used in the off-season when the water system is off.

Site Status

Lenape in the Summer features:

  • 8 2-man platforms with tents
  • 2 metal framed cots with mattresses in each tent.
  • Program tarp & Dining Fly
  • 1 Picnic Table
  • Wooded open center area yielding a good amount of shade from the sunshine during the day.
  • Has it's own latrine and washstand with flush toilets.

Fall, Winter, and Spring features:

  • Platforms remain in place and may be used with your own tents.
  • Water generally at site from mid-May to late September.
  • Usually accessible during the winter

Location of Campsite in Camp

Location of Lenape Campsite in camp.

Campsite Layout

Campsite Layout

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